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    Environmental legislation

    Track environmental legislation in your state

  • Voter ID map resized.jpg

    Voter ID Laws

    Read our full run down of each state's voter ID laws

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    Higher education graduation rates vary widely

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    State tax policy

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    Nonprofit regulation

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    Clean Power Plan

    How is the Clean Power Plan implemented in your state?

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Energy and Environmental News

Ballotpedia produces the weekly Policy Tracker: Energy and Environment to report on major national and state environmental issues, including land ownership, energy production, air and water regulations, endangered species, pollution and much more.

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Welcome to Public Policy

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The Public Policy Project on Ballotpedia aims to illuminate major policy issues being discussed and implemented throughout the United States. Public policy can be complicated and controversial; deciding what works best and how to allocate resources to achieve a policy goal can involve multiple trade-offs. Our coverage is neutral, nonpartisan and comprehensive, written in clear language for the non-specialist.

Policy decisions matter because they affect citizens, especially economically, legally and socially. Our mission is to help readers discover and learn useful information, so they can participate in public policy discussions and vote for candidates and initiatives aligned with their values and interests.

What we're covering

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