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Public Policy

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We are proud to announce our new Healthcare Policy Project, where you will find information about the complex laws, rules and regulations for managing each state's healthcare system. Healthcare policy affects not only the cost citizens must pay for care, access to care, and the quality of care received, but also taxes and the fiscal health of states. Our coverage will provide information on rising public and private healthcare spending, major court cases and healthcare reform efforts, equipping readers with the tools to engage in the public policymaking process.

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The Public Policy Project on Ballotpedia aims to illuminate major policy issues being discussed and implemented throughout the United States. Public policy can be complicated and controversial; deciding what works best and how to allocate resources to achieve a policy goal can involve multiple trade-offs. Our coverage is neutral, nonpartisan and comprehensive, written in clear language for the non-specialist.

Policy decisions matter because they affect citizens, especially economically, legally and socially. Our mission is to help readers discover and learn useful information, so they can participate in public policy discussions and vote for candidates and initiatives aligned with their values and interests.

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