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Tax policy and the 2014 election: statewide ballot measures

Tax policy remains a complex, contentious issue at all levels of government in the United States: federal, state and local. On November 4, 2014, voters in 10 states weighed in on 20 separate statewide tax-related ballot measures. These measures impacted a wide variety of taxes and tax issues, including personal income tax, property taxes, excise taxes and more.
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Welcome to the Budget Policy Project portal, where you will find information about state budgets and budget policy in the 50 states. Combined, the 50 state governments spent more than $1.65 trillion in state and federal funds in fiscal year 2012. State budget processes are a complicated and often misunderstood issue. Our pages will provide explanations of proposed budget policy reforms, and terms and definitions used in public policy discussions. We will also cover the major stakeholders, including government agencies, trade organizations, research groups and major policy institutes involved in budget reform. The Budget Policy Project on Policypedia will equip citizens with the tools to better understand the nuts and bolts of state budgets and engage in the public policymaking process.

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