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Election policy and the 2014 election: statewide ballot measures

Election policy continues to be a hot topic as the country is ever more divided politically. In 2014 alone, there were 48 election-related ballot measures proposed. Of these, only eight ballot measures made it to the ballot box on November 4, 2014. Many measures that did not make the ballot were about contentious issues such as campaign finance, donor disclosure, voter identification, and even the Electoral College. Since getting a measure on the ballot can be so difficult and political, it is not surprising that many of those that made it were less exciting. Nationwide, the number of qualified statewide ballot measures trended downward from prior even election years. Election policy ballots in 2014 included: early voting in Connecticut and Missouri, special elections for county executives in Maryland, dates for judicial retention and school board elections in New Mexico, open primaries in Oregon, appointment of the adjutant General in South Carolina, and the election of an appointed attorney general in Utah.

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Welcome to the Election Policy Project portal, where you will find information about election policy in the 50 states. This specific policy area is in its early stages on Policypedia. Our early coverage will include ballot access laws, redistricting, campaign finance and elections reform. The Election Policy Project will continue to add more relevant areas pertaining to election reform in the states and the various tradeoffs that governments and officials face when considering elections policy.

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