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Featured issue: Voter ID

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Voter identification requirements are a divisive election policy issue. Generally speaking, proponents of voter identification requirements maintain that these laws are necessary in order to prevent voter fraud. Critics, meanwhile, contend that voter fraud is very rare and identification requirements "unduly restrict the right to vote."

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Welcome to Election Policypedia

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Welcome to the Election Policy Project portal, where you will find information about electoral policy in the 50 states. This specific project is in its early stages of development. Our coverage includes ballot access laws, state voting procedures, redistricting and more. The Election Policy Project will continue to add content pertaining to election reform in the states. We endeavor to highlight the various trade-offs that governments and officials must consider when establishing election policy.

Ballot access

Ballot access laws determine what candidates and political parties can appear on voters' ballots. These provisions are typically adopted at the state level and often vary dramatically between states.

To learn more about ballot access laws in your state, click here.

Voting laws

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Laws governing hot-button electoral issues, including early voting, absentee voting and voter identification requirements, are set by the states. Consequently, voting regulations differ significantly from state to state.

To learn more about the voting laws in your state, click here.

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