Political veterans face election rematch in Maine's 2nd district

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September 25, 2012


By Chuck Stewart

BENTON, Maine: Maine's 2nd Congressional District will house a rematch between two political veterans in the Nov. 6th elections. Five-term incumbent Mike Michaud (D) will face former rival Kevin Raye (R). In 2002, Michaud defeated Raye for the 2nd District house seat by only 4% of the vote. Since then, Raye has spent eight years as a state senator and two years as senate president. The political climate of the district has also changed in this span of time. While Democrats still account for most registered voters, the 2nd District added 3,500 Republican voters and incorporated the city of Waterville, which is “Democratic leaning.”[1]

In an interview with the Associated Press, Michaud said that most voters are concerned that Democrats and Republicans do not cooperate more or “get along.”[2] To this end, he has introduced a bill to deny Congress members pay if they do not pass a budget. Additionally, he has signed onto a lawsuit that would challenge the state’s filibuster rules. This would make it more difficult for one party to obstruct the agenda of another.

Raye stated that the most common concern for voters is job creation. In light of this, Raye points to his background as a family business owner as well as the regulatory reforms he helped to enact in the senate. Raye is also a self-proclaimed moderate Republican and has a strong history of working on both sides of the aisle. Ultimately, Michaud concedes that Raye has become a stronger opponent, but claims that “incumbency trumps everything else in a congressional race” with the exception of scandal.[3]

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