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Polk County
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Pok County is one of the 67 counties in Florida. The Supervisor of Elections for Polk County is Lori Edwards. The elections department is responsible for coordinating and administering elections and tabulating election results.


April 2

See also: April 2, 2013 ballot measures in Florida

Approveda Davenport City Amendment 1: Commissioner & Mayor Term Length (April 2013)
Approveda Davenport City Amendment 2: City Manager Removal (April 2013)
Approveda Davenport City Amendment 3: Prohibiting Sewer System Expansion (April 2013)


November 6

See also: November 6, 2012 ballot measures in Florida

Approveda Polk County Property Tax Exemption Question (November 2012)

April 3

See also: April 3, 2012 ballot measures in Florida

Approveda Dundee Town Charter Amendment (April 2012)


April 5

See also: April 5, 2011 ballot measures in Florida

Approveda Lake Alfred City Charter Amendments, 12 (April 2011)
ApprovedaDefeatedd Lake Wales City Charter Amendments, 14 (April 2011)
Defeatedd Mulberry City Charter Amendment (April 2011)


November 2

See also: November 2, 2010 ballot measures in Florida

Defeatedd Polk County Transit Sales Tax (November 2010)
Defeatedd Polk County Business Tax Exemption (November 2010)
Approveda Polk County Charter Amendment (November 2010)

County Evaluation

A study was conducted evaluating Florida's county election websites based on seven criteria. For detailed information on the Navigation number see: Navigation.

  • Has Election site: Yes
  • Current Information: Yes
  • Ballot Text: Yes
  • Issues List: No
  • Updated Results: Yes
  • Archives: Yes
  • Navigation: 4

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