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Polls open in Nebraska; voters to decide on Amendment 1

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May 11, 2010

Nebraska: Nebraska voters head to the polls today to weigh in on multiple political seats, but also on the only statewide ballot question on this year's primary ballot. Amendment 1 would allow nonprofit agencies to use tax-free bonds for certain construction projects and equipment needs. Also, cities and counties could issue the tax-free bonds on behalf of the nonprofits seeking them. Bonds would have to be repaid by the nonprofit using them and tax money would not be able to be used to repay the bonds.[1]

The measure was referred to the ballot by the Nebraska Legislature. By the opinion of the Nebraska Attorney General, and by the actions of the Nebraska Secretary of State John A. Gale, the measure was later removed from the ballot. However, on March 12, 2010, the measure was again placed on the ballot, this time under a revised proposal, filed as LR 295 CA.[2][3]

Before Nebraska voters make their way to their respective voting stations, however, there are some aspects of the voting process voters must know. According to David Phipps, Douglas County Election Commission, "You can't do anything for your candidates, you can't do signs, you can't wear t-shirts, you can't have bumper stickers. You can't do anything for a candidate, petition signatures, anything like that within 200 feet of a polling place. And that's all spelled out in Nebraska law and so that's what we enforce on election day."[4]

Local ballot measures in Nebraska that voters in those areas will decide on include a question on building a new sports arena in Lincoln using sales tax and a question on whether or not to allow keno in West Point.

Initial election results for Amendment 1, via the Nebraska Secretary of State's Office, will be available at 8:00 pm CST and will be updated frequently as precincts report their election results throughout the evening. Ballotpedia will be updating results here.

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