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Pork barrel

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Pork or Pork barrel is a term that means government spending on a private enterprise expected to bring revenue and money into the district or area. Examples often include cities or towns subsidizing sports teams, the construction of sports arenas and the construction of other entertainment related projects. Ballotpedia released a report on February 1, 2014, which featured four sports arena related subsidies and the controversy surrounding them. The coalition behind an initiative to require voter approval before Sacramento City authorizes any "pork barrel" expenses on sports arenas has taken its name from this term, calling itself Sacramento Taxpayer's Opposed to Pork (STOP).

Relevant ballot measures

Sports arenas

Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot City of Sacramento Voter approval for Public Funding of Professional Sports Arena Act, STOP Initiative (June 2014)
Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot City of Columbus Blue Jackets’ Nationwide Arena Bailout Initiative (May 2014)

Project veto referenda and building restriction measures

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