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Welcome to the Pension Policy Project portal, where you will find detailed information about state and local public pension policy in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our pages will provide explanations of proposed pension policy reforms and terms and definitions used in public policy discussions. We will also cover the major stakeholders, including government agencies, trade organizations, research groups and major policy institutes involved in pension reform. The Pension Policy project on Policypedia will enlighten voters about the growing pension crisis in state and local governments and provide readers with the tools to engage in the public policymaking process.

Why Policypedia?

Policypedia covers major policy issues being discussed and implemented throughout the United States at all levels of government. Policy decisions matter because they involve trade-offs and affect citizens in many ways. Policypedia aims to illuminate complex policy subjects so readers can participate in public policy discussions and vote for candidates and initiatives aligned with their values and interests.

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