Portland City Charter Amendments, 9 (May 2012)

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Nine Portland City Charter Amendment measures was on the May 15, 2012 ballot in the city of Portland which is in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties.

All nine measures were approved
Clackamas Approveda[1]

Multnomah Approveda[2]

Washington Approveda[3]

The first measure sought to make it that tort claim law is consistent with state laws, the second sought to change the Mayor's fund, the third sought to delete unenforceable obscenity provisions, the fourth sought to delete outdated provisions about vagrants, the fifth sought to delete outdated provisions on beggars, the sixth sought to allow the council to use emergency funds without documentation, the seventh sought to clarify procedures on filling vacancies, the eighth sought to add terms and vacancy provisions to the charter and the ninth seeks to delete the outdated recreation commission chapter.[4]

The Oregonian has given its support behind all nine of these measures, noting that they are just house cleaning amendments and deserve to be approved by residents.[5]