Proposition 1, City of Fairbanks, Sales Tax Charter Amendment (October 2009)

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A Fairbanks City Sales Tax Charter Amendment was on the October 6, 2009 ballot ballot in Fairbanks City.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 648 (40.5%)
  • NO 952 (59.5%)Defeatedd[1]

This proposition sought to amend the city charter so that any new sales taxes must be used to reduce the $4.9 million levy the city already has before the tax is used for anything else. There are also exceptions to which types of sales taxes can be used.[2] This was on the ballot because the city before relied solely on property taxes yet a majority of the people who come into the city do not pay property taxes because they do not live there. Creating this sales tax would have helped alleviate the taxes on property that the local residents are paying now.[3]


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