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Public access to concealed carry lists

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This chart is a breakdown of the state's positions on public access to concealed carry lists. Information compiled from the Open Government Guide. [1]

State Law Is access permitted?
Alabama Alabama Public Records Law Yes
Alaska Alaska Public Records Act No
Arizona Arizona Public Records Law No
Arkansas Arkansas Freedom of Information Act Yes
California California Public Records Act Yes
Colorado Colorado Open Records Act Yes
Connecticut Connecticut Freedom of Information Act No
Delaware Delaware Freedom of Information Act No
D.C. District of Columbia Freedom of Information Act No concealed carry
Florida Florida Sunshine Law No
Georgia Georgia Open Records Act No
Hawaii Hawaii Uniform Information Practices Act No
Idaho Idaho Public Records Act Yes
Illinois Illinois Freedom of Information Act No
Indiana Indiana Access to Public Records Act Yes
Iowa Iowa Open Records Law Yes
Kansas Kansas Open Records Act Yes
Kentucky Kentucky Open Records Act Only names made available
Louisiana Louisiana Sunshine Law No
Maine Maine Freedom of Access Act Yes
Maryland Maryland Public Information Act Yes
Massachusetts Massachusetts Public Records Act No
Michigan Michigan Freedom of Information Act No
Minnesota Minnesota Data Practices Act No
Mississippi Mississippi Public Records Act Yes
Missouri Missouri Sunshine Law No
Montana Montana Public Records Act Yes
Nebraska Nebraska Public Records Law No (Not considered a public record according to Nebraska Revised Statute 69-2444)
Nevada Nevada Open Records Act No
New Hampshire New Hampshire Right to Know Law Yes
New Jersey New Jersey Open Public Records Act No
New Mexico New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act No (Exempt from IPRA by NMSA 29-19-6 subsection B)
New York New York Freedom of Information Law Yes
North Carolina North Carolina Public Records Law Yes
North Dakota North Dakota Open Records Statute Yes
Ohio Ohio Open Records Law Only with a public interest statement from a journalist
Oklahoma Oklahoma Open Records Act No
Oregon Oregon No <
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Right to Know Act Yes
Rhode Island Rhode Island Access to Public Records Act Yes
South Carolina South Carolina Freedom of Information Act Yes
South Dakota South Dakota Sunshine Law No
Tennessee Tennessee Open Records Act Yes
Texas Texas Public Information Act Only verification of individual names
Utah Utah Government Records Access and Management Act No
Vermont Vermont Public Records Law Yes
Virginia Virginia Freedom of Information Act Available at the local but not state level
Washington Washington Public Records Act No
West Virginia West Virginia Freedom of Information Act Yes
Wisconsin Wisconsin Open Records Law No[2]
Wyoming Wyoming Sunshine Law No

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