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Putnam County is one of 67 counties in Florida. Palatka is the county seat.

Evaluation of website

In 2011, Putnam County earned a Sunny Awards for having a perfect website transparency score.

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Transparency Grade
Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning
Contracts P
Lobbying N
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Public records
Local taxes
County websitesGuide.png
Transparency grading process

This website was most recently evaluated on January 30, 2012.

The good

  • Board meeting schedule[1], minutes[2], and agendas[3] are available.
  • Commissioners are listed on the front page with links to contact info.[4]
  • Administrative contact information is provided for each department.[5]
  • Building permits and zoning information is posted.[6]
  • A link is available to email public records requests on the site's transparency portal.[7]. There is also a PDF form available for records requests[8].
  • Local tax information is available.[9]
  • Budget and audit reports are posted.[10]

The bad

Board of County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners serves as the legislative and policy making body for Putnam County. The governing body has the power to perform the following duties: approve the budget, set millage rates and adopt ordinances and resolutions necessary to carry out the operations of all County departments and programs. The Board also has the power to adopt its own rules of procedure, select its officers and set the time and place of its official meetings. The Board also prepares and enforces comprehensive plans for the development of the County.[4]

As of November 2014, the Board of County Commissioners was made up of the following members:[12]

  • Nancy Harris
  • Chip Laibl
  • Karl N. Flagg
  • Larry Harvey
  • E. Walton Pellicer II

County Administrator

The current County Administrator is Rick Leary.[13]

The County Administrator is responsible for administrative and Management responsibilities, directing and coordinating all phases of County government functions and activities under the jurisdiction of the Board of County Commissioners in accordance with Chapter 125 of the Florida Statutes and the County Ordinance. The Administrator serves as the liaison between the Board of County Commissioners and the citizens of the County. The County Administrator is also responsible for the County's annual budget.[13]

Employee Pay

In early 2012, Jacksonville's The Florida Times-Union requested public salary data from more than 90 North Florida government agencies for 2010-11.[14] Below are the Putnam County employees who earned more than $100,000 in 2010:

Name Year Employer Base Pay Total Pay
LEARY, RICKY 2010 Putnam County Commissioner's Office $140,038.82 $140,038.82
CASTLEBERRY, RUSSELL 2010 Putnam County Commissioner's Office $134,378.65 $134,378.65
HARDY, JEFFREY S 2010 Putnam County Sheriff's Office $114,815.00 $114,815.00
TOWNSEND, THOMAS 2010 Putnam County Schools $110,468.00 $110,468.00
BOYNTON, ELWIN 2010 Palatka, City of $110,172.92 $110,172.92
SMITH, TIM 2010 Putnam County Clerk of Courts $106,219.00 $108,219.00
Parker, Tim 2010 Putnam County Property Appraiser $108,219.00 $108,219.00
Mahaffey, Ken 2010 Putnam County Tax Collector's Office $108,219.00 $108,219.00
Surrency, James 2010 Northeast Florida Educational Consortium $106,628.29 $106,628.2


Main article: Florida government sector lobbying

Putnam County pays for membership in Florida School Board Attorneys Association.[15]


For Putnam County, the clerk or comptroller performs the internal audits.[16]

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