Quiet elections on June 3 mean good odds for school board incumbents in Alabama, California and South Dakota

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May 29, 2014

By Nick Katers

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Six school districts among the nation's largest districts are holding elections for 14 seats on June 3, 2014. Rapid City Area School District in South Dakota and Twin Rivers Unified School District in California are holding general elections for two and three seats, respectively. Three districts in Alabama are holding primary elections for a total of seven seats, including Etowah County, Mobile County and Montgomery. The winners in these primaries will run unopposed in the general election on November 4, 2014.

San Diego Unified School District in California is also holding a primary election with the lone competitive seat in District B. Incumbent Kevin Beiser is seeking re-election against Amy C. Redding during the primary on June 3, 2014. Both candidates will advance from the primary to a runoff election on November 4, 2014. A total of six seats are unopposed in the June 3, 2014, election and nine challengers are seeking election to the remaining eight seats. Incumbents are seeking re-election in all races except the District C race in San Diego, where newcomer Michael G. McQuary is running without opposition.[1]


Note: An (i) next to a candidate's name indicates incumbent status.


Etowah County School System
District 1
UncheckedBox.jpgRepublican Party Tim Womack (i)
UncheckedBox.jpgRepublican Party Phillip Stone

District 2
UncheckedBox.jpgRepublican Party Scarlett Rains Farley (i)

District 3
UncheckedBox.jpgRepublican Party Todd Hindsman (i)

Mobile County Public Schools
District 3
UncheckedBox.jpgDemocratic Party Reginald Crenshaw (i)
UncheckedBox.jpgDemocratic Party Henry W. Roberts, II

District 4
UncheckedBox.jpgDemocratic Party Tracie Roberson (i)
UncheckedBox.jpgDemocratic Party Robert Edward Battles, Sr.

Montgomery Public Schools
District 1
UncheckedBox.jpgRepublican Party Heather Sellers (i)
UncheckedBox.jpgRepublican Party Lesa Keith

District 6
UncheckedBox.jpgDemocratic Party Robert Porterfield (i)
UncheckedBox.jpgDemocratic Party Timothy E. Bass


San Diego Unified School District
District B
UncheckedBox.jpg Kevin Beiser (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Amy C. Redding

District C
UncheckedBox.jpg Michael G. McQuary

Twin Rivers Unified School District
Area 2
UncheckedBox.jpg John Dexter (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Michelle Rivas

Area 4
UncheckedBox.jpg Bob Bastian (i)

Area 6
UncheckedBox.jpg Rebecca Sandoval (i)
UncheckedBox.jpg Lanette Robinson
UncheckedBox.jpg Roger Westrup

South Dakota

Rapid City Area School District
Area 4
UncheckedBox.jpg Jim Hansen (i)

Area 5
UncheckedBox.jpg Ed McLaughlin (i)

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