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R.J. Loupe recall, Port Allen, Louisiana (2014)

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An effort to recall R.J. Loupe from his position on the city council of Port Allen, Louisiana was launched in September 2013. The recall did not go to a vote.[1][2][3]


The recall effort against Loupe was led by Caster Brown, Larry Profit and Gizele Thompson. Recall supporters were also supporters of Port Allen Mayor Demetric "Deedy" Slaughter. Slaughter was also subject to a recall attempt over a series of controversies surrounding her actions as mayor since taking office. Loupe recall supporters said that Loupe had continually disrespected Slaughter since she first took office and that their effort was in response to the other recall effort. Recall supporters alleged that Loupe, along with two other white board members on the council, had continually voted against the proposals set forth by Slaughter, who is black. Brown told reporters, "She has not been given a chance in all these months because everything she put up for a vote, the council votes against it. The three whites vote against it." It was noted that the recall petition against Slaughter was started by black people and that black people were leaving the city government because of Slaughter. Brown replied, "We look at it as a conspiracy against the mayor that the whites have drummed up."[1][2]

Slaughter stated she was not in support of the recall effort against Loupe, commenting, "I'm just ready to move the city forward. I'm ready to continue to do what I was elected to do." Loupe has been on the city council on and off for nearly 30 years.[2]

Path to the ballot

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Recall supporters had until March 3, 2014 (180 days after the petition was approved) to collect 1,285 signatures (one-third of the registered voters as of September 4) to trigger a recall election.[1] The deadline passed without a petition being filed.[3]

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