Rashida Tlaib recall, Michigan, 2009

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An effort to recall Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib was launched in August 2009. Three recall petitions were filed on August 25, 2009, by a group lead by political consultant Adolph Mongo. According to recall petitioners, Tlaib refused to communicate with constituents about the twin span to the Ambassador Bridge. Mongo does not reside in Tlaib's district, so he instead had a Delray resident file the petitions. However, on September 10, 2009 the Wayne County Election Commission rejected the recall petition language.[1]

Tlaib said the recall was "pure bullying." In regards to the bridge, Tlaib said that the negative impact of the second span required attention. She came out in support of a publicly-built and -owned second span bridge about 1/4 mile down river from the Abmassador Bridge. Mongo, however, argued that Tlaib's plan would destroy the Delray neighborhood.[2]

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