Recall of the Oakland School Board, California (2012)

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An effort to recall Jody London, David Kakishiba, Jumoke Hinton Hodge, Gary Yee and Chris Dobbins from their elected positions on the school board of Oakland, California was launched in December 2011.[1] In January 2012, the recall campaign against London, Kakishiba, Hodge, and Dobbins was abandoned, leaving Yee as the only member of the school board facing recall.[2] The recall effort against Yee was later dropped. There are seven members of the Oakland School Board.

Reasons for recall

The Concerned Parents and Community Coalition organized the recall effort. They originally targeted the five members of the Oakland School Board who voted to close five elementary schools. Recall proponent Rob Rooke said, "we need to recall all the school board members who want to close the schools."[1] London and Hodge were dropped from the recall effort because they faced re-election in 2012. Kakishiba and Dodge were dropped from the recall because of insufficient signatures on the notice of intent to recall.[2]

Path to the ballot

In order to force a recall, recall organizers would have needed to gather signatures from 20% of the registered voters in each district. That would have amounted to 8,000 signatures in District 1, 4,900 signatures in District 2, 6,600 signatures in District 3, 6,800 signatures in District 4, and 5,000 signatures in District 6 for a cumulative total of 31,300 signatures.[1]

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