Recall of the Sacramento City Council, California (2010)

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An effort to recall most members of the Sacramento City Council was announced in June 2010.[1] The recall effort was ultimately abandoned.


Targeted city council members included Mayor Kevin Johnson and city council members Ray Tretheway, Sandy Sheedy, Steve Cohn, Robert King Fong, Kevin McCarty and Bonnie Pannell. City council members Robbie Waters and Lauren Hammond were not targeted.

Nationally-known Tea Party leader Mark Williams, a Sacramento resident, was a leader in the recall effort. The motivation for the recall was the vote that the Sacramento City Council took in early June to boycott Arizona in the wake of Arizona's passage of a tough immigration enforcement law. The two city council members who were targeted in the recall were the two who did not cast a vote on the Sacramento decision to boycott Arizona. Robbie Waters voted "no" and Lauren Hammond was not at the meeting where the vote took place.[1]

After the recall was launched, a separate effort, "Boycott Sacramento," was launched, also in response to the decision of the Sacramento City Council to boycott Arizona.[2]

Rally about Arizona boycott

Paul Smith, a 5th Congressional District candidate, organized a rally in front of Sacramento's city hall in late June to protest the city council's vote to boycott Arizona. Smith said, "The city of Sacramento is a local city council and they should worry about local issues, not some state that they have no business being in."[3] The rally was used to help generate support for the recall.[4]

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