Recount requests filed in 3 Wisconsin Legislative Races

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November 10, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

MADISON, Wisconsin: Three races in the Wisconsin Legislature are heading to an recount. The three recount requests involve two races in the State Assembly and one race in the State Senate.

Sitting Assembly incumbents Kristen Dexter and Jeff Smith along with Senate challenger Ed Thompson have filed recount requests with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. Thompson is asking for a recount claiming that vote totals were incorrectly tabulated from election night to when the official canvas was conducted[1]. Also, Thompson's campaign thinks that military and overseas ballots were not properly counted[2]

Recount petitions from Representatives Dexter and Smith challenge that elections authorities in their respective districts incorrectly counted ballots and claim that errors were made as a result[3][4]. The recount for 68th Assembly District is scheduled to begin on November 11, 2010 while the recounts for 93rd Assembly and 23rd Senate Districts are scheduled for November 12, 2010[2][4][3]

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