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Ballot Basics
Citizen initiatives
Indirect initiative
Legislative referrals
Citizen initiatives
Indirect initiative
Legislative referrals
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Veto referendum

A referendum has two distinct kinds of direct democratic votes that often get the designation of referendum: veto referendum and legislative referendum. Increasingly, the latter is being called a legislative referral.

Here are the definitions to the two:

  • Veto referendum. When a state legislature passes a law, and citizens collect signatures to place that law on the general election ballot so that the voters of the state can decide whether to keep it or nullify it. In some states, this is known as a citizen referendum.
  • Legislative referral. This is a ballot measure that is placed on the ballot because a state legislature votes to have it appear on the ballot. In other words, no citizen signatures are collected to place the measure on the ballot.

Other types of ballot measures

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