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Repair California is a group supported by the Bay Area Council, California Common Cause, the Courage Campaign and the Lincoln Club of Orange County to work on amending the California Constitution through a California constitutional convention.[1]

Ballot propositions supported by the group are:

Clint Reilly is Repair California's chief strategist.[2]


Repair California supports a limited agenda for a constitutional convention that would include four broad topics:

  • Governance, such as how the Legislature and state agencies and commissions are structured and operate.[3]
  • Elections, including ballot initiatives, campaign finance and term limits.[3]
  • The state budget, including the threshold (two-thirds, simple majority, or something else) for the Legislature to adopt a budget, plus spending limits and requirements.[3]
  • Revenue distribution, including how tax money is allocated among state and local governments.[3]


Repair California is sponsoring a series of townhall meetings in eight California cities to lead public discussions about an overhaul of the California Constitution.[4]


EMC Research conducted a poll for "Repair California" in mid-September 2009. The poll found that approval ratings of 69% and 71% for the two ballot propositions supported by Repair California.[5]

Ballot proposition Month of poll  % in favor
California Electors Right to Call for Constitutional Convention Act (2010). September 2009 69%
California Call for a Limited Constitutional Convention (2010). September 2009 71%

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