Republicans Raring to Reclaim Iowa State House

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October 5, 2010

Des Moines, Iowa: As Iowa House Republicans prepare for victory next month, House Democrats brace for a beating. This year, Democrats have set the record for the largest number of districts in which a major party has failed to field a House candidate since 1970.[1]

In 2010, Democrats fielded candidates in only 75 districts. This is down 19 districts from 2008, when Democrats contested 94 of 100 House districts.

On the flip side, Republicans have also set records. This November, the GOP boasts their strongest showing since the 1980 Reagan Revolution, in which Republicans fielded 97 of 100 House candidates.

The following 25 districts lack Democratic oppostition, guaranteeing GOP victories: 3 (Plymouth County), 4 (Sioux), 5 (O'Brien), 6 (Dickinson), 12 (Hancock), 17 (Butler), 32 (Dubuque), 35 (Linn), 36 (Linn), 39 (Benton), 40 (Tama), 50 (Webster), 53 (Cherokee), 55 (Crawford), 56 (Harrison), 57 (Cass), 58 (Adair), 69 (Polk), 70 (Polk), 82 (Scott), 83 (Clinton), 87 (Louisa), 96 (Ringgold), 97 (Page), and 98 (Pottawattamie).

Democrats need to win 66 percent of their contested districts in order to retain their control in the Iowa House of Representatives.

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