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Republicans regain control of Wisconsin State Senate

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November 15, 2012


By Greg Janetka

MADISON, Wisconsin: A mere five months after Democrats gained control of the Wisconsin State Senate through the use of recall elections that cost millions of dollars, Republicans once again find themselves in control of the chamber.[1][2]

The switch in power has not been unusual in recent years - this will be the fifth time since 2004 that the chamber has changed hands. Democrats went into the 2010 elections with an 18-15 majority, but saw Republicans take the Senate 19-14. Recall elections in 2011 saw the Democrats gain two seats to shrink the GOP to a 17-16 majority. Democrats took one more seat in the June 5 recalls this year to take the chamber.

As Republicans pointed out at the time, the Democratic victory might be short lived as half of the senate seats were up for election in November. Of those 16 seats, only 6 were held by Republicans. Additionally, the GOP controlled the controversial redistricting process this year, putting into place Republican friendly maps. The electoral victories last week gave the GOP a 17-15 lead, but, barring any unforeseen circumstances, they will pick up one more seat in the December 4 special election for District 33 as no Democrats filed to run.[3]

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