Restrictive ballot access bill passes South Carolina House

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June 9, 2010

COLUMBIA, South Carolina: A new bill that changes ballot access laws for independent candidates was approved by the South Carolina House of Representatives on June 3, 2010, the last day of legislative session[1]

House Bill 3746 added more requirements for campaigns running as independents in South Carolina. The bill added a new requirement for nominating petitions to be signed by the petition circulator and to be notarized. Under the current law, petitions for independent candidates do not require the identification of who circulated the papers in order to qualify for a spot on the ballot. Also, the bill will have a new requirement for independent candidates to declare their candidacy no later than the day when the statewide primary is held in June[2].

The House approved the bill on June 3, 2010 on a 70-26 vote in order to send the bill to Governor Mark Sanford for his signature to approve or veto the bill[1].