Retired Judges Report, June 2014

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July 6, 2014

36 judges retired in June 2014.*


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Judge Barbara A. Haslinger, the first female judge for Deschutes County, retired from the Deschutes County Circuit Court on June 30, 2014. She had served on the bench for nearly twenty-four years.[1][2]

Judge Haslinger graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law in 1981 and became one of the few practicing female attorneys in Deschutes County. Before she became a judge, Judge Haslinger worked as an attorney in a general law practice, served as a public defender for the municipal court in Redmond and was a pro tem judge for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. When former Governor Neil Goldschmidt appointed her to the Deschutes County Circuit Court in 1990, she became, at 35-years-old, the youngest judge in the state at that time as well as the first female judge to serve in Deschutes County.[2]

As a judge, Haslinger presided over civil, criminal, and family law cases. “That’s what’s most memorable for me," said Judge Haslinger of her time on the circuit court bench, "the cases where I felt like I made a difference in people’s lives.”[2]


Retired judges

The following judges retired from office in June 2014.
*Based on Judgepedia's records and recent news reports; municipal court judges not included

Name Court Dates of service
Anthony Bartholomew Hawai`i Third Circuit Family Court, Hawaii 2008-2014
Barbara A. Haslinger Deschutes County Circuit Court, Oregon 1990-2014
Bradley E. Byrne Alabama Circuit 21 1986-2014
Cathryn M. Doyle Albany County Surrogate's Court, New York 2001-2014
Daniel Pieper South Carolina Court of Appeals 11/1/2007-6/30/2014
E. Rudolph McIntyre, Jr. 5th Judicial District, Louisiana 1997-2014
John Alsop Somerset County Probate Court, Maine 1997-6/2014
John Holmes Michigan Tenth Judicial District Court 1993-2014
John K. Wilson (Tennessee) Third Circuit Court, Tennessee 1980-2014
John T. Paulson North Dakota Southeast Judicial District
Joseph C. Teresi Albany County Supreme Court, New York 1994 - 6/26/2014
Joseph P. Florendo, Jr. Hawai`i Third Circuit District Court, Hawaii 1986-2014
Julie N. Altwies New Mexico Bernalillo Metropolitan Courts 2006-2014
Kay T. Kingsley Superior Court of Monterey County, California 1994-6/30/2014
Kellum W. Allen Eleventh Circuit, South Carolina 1998-2014
Kurt E. Kumli Superior Court of Santa Clara County, California 2006-6/26/2014
M. Lee Stilwell, Jr. Virginia 22nd Judicial District
Martha K. Kilgore Oklahoma District 22 1989-2014
Paul E. Spurgeon Knox County Municipal Court, Ohio
Paul Haerle California First District Court of Appeal 1994-6/2014
Raymond N. Satter Denver County Court, Colorado 1987-2014
Robert N. Jenkins, Sr. Thirteenth Circuit, South Carolina 1996-2014
Robert V. Greco Framingham District Court, Massachusetts 1985-2014
Ronnie Joe Lane Pataula Judicial Circuit, Georgia 2001-2014
Sarah Sharer Curley United States bankruptcy court, District of Arizona 1986-2014
Scott Sulley Pinal County Justice Courts, Arizona 2003-2014
Stephen A. Ferradino Saratoga County Supreme Court, New York 1995-2014
Ted Baca New Mexico Second Judicial District Court 1998-2014
Terry McDaniel Idaho Fourth Judicial District
Thomas G. Pestak Sierra County Magistrate Court, New Mexico 1994-2014
Thomas J. Love Maryland Fifth District 1997-2014
Tommy Allen Coahoma County Court, Mississippi 2003-2014
Violet C. Otero New Mexico Thirteenth Judicial District Court 2003-2014
William E. Lantrip Anderson County Chancery Court, Tennessee 1989-2014
William W. McLees, Jr. North Dakota North Central Judicial District 1994-2014
Ysleta McDonald Florida Eighth Circuit Court 2005-2014

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