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Retiring Colorado Supreme Court Justice impacted Colorado's initiative process

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June 8, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

DENVER, Colorado: Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey of the Colorado Supreme Court, who recently announced that she is not seeking another 10-year term on the court, was criticized by Denver Post opinion columnist Vincent Carroll over her interpretations in rulings involving the state's initiative process[1].

Carroll's criticism over Mullarkey's views on the initiative process came from a controversial 2006 ruling in which the state's highest court threw out an ballot measure passed by anti-illegal immigration advocates. Carroll felt that the court incorrectly interpreted the state's single-subject rule. Carroll also asserted that the Colorado Supreme Court's rulings on the state's initiative process, particularly with regard to the single-subject rule, were inconsistent over Mullarkey's time as Chief Justice of the court.[1]

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