Reynold Esquivel and Rebecca Quintana recall, Stone Corral Elementary School District, California (2012)

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An effort to recall Reynold Esquivel and Rebecca Quintana from their positions on the school board of the Stone Corral Elementary School District in Tulare County, California was launched in May 2012 and abandoned in June 2012.[1] In 2007, there was also an unsuccessful attempt to recall Esquivel and Quintana.


Esquivel and Quintana were served notices of intent to recall on May 24. The recall effort came to an end when recall organizers failed to obtain ten valid signatures on each recall target's notice of intent to recall. The two officials were faulted because they allegedly "refused to speak or hear any of the parents due to the fact they are not registered voters" and failed to operate "on behalf and trust of the people or children."[1]

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