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Rhode Island Republicans seek to overturn new district lines

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February 29, 2012

Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island: Republicans are looking to file a lawsuit against the new districts which were approved by a bill on February 8. Republicans are claiming that the new lines are for political reasons only in order to help Democrats in the state. The main argument is with Districts 47 and 48, where only around 300 people needed to be moved from district 48 to 47 but 1,500 were moved instead. A consultant was paid to help draw the lines and he defended the current map saying the lines were drawn based on current fire districts in the area. Though the Republicans countered that the lines do not actually follow those of the fire districts. They also noted that their proposed lawsuit is not to help one candidate or another but rather to ensure that residents are not inconvenienced in voting. Others have stated that the proposed Republican map is no better than what has been decided on already. Several issues arose during the redistricting of the state, notably that the new districts could affect minority populations in an adverse way.[1]

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