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Rhode Island Senate President faces a Tea Party challenge

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September 27, 2012

Rhode Island

By: George Sousouris

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island: Tea Party endorsed candidate Geoffrey William Cook (R) will once again take on President of the Senate M. Teresa Paiva-Weed (D) this fall, just as he did in 2011. Cook has lived in Newport for 12 years and is a native of the United Kingdom, born, raised, and educated about 30 minutes North of London.[1]

Cook is running against Paiva-Weed on the basis that her leadership of the legislature has failed to address unemployment and stagnant economic growth in Rhode Island. He opposes higher tolls on the state's bridges, and also criticizes the legislature for the poor condition of infrastructure despite a high gas tax.[1]

In defense of her record, Paiva-Weed stated, "In the area of economic development, I sponsored the repeal of the sales tax on boats to help our marine industry. And I co-sponsored legislation to promote biodiesel fuel production." She also pointed to her support of pension reform as evidence that she is working to spend taxpayer money wisely.[1]

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