Rhode Island September election registration deadline

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August 15, 2011

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island: An election in the town of North Kingstown will be held on September 13, the deadline for registering for the election was August 13. Residents in the town will be voting on a bond measure at a cost of $850,000 for installing artificial turf on the McGinn field. The second issue will be a bond in the amount of $3.85 million for the Wickford Elementary School conversion into a joint town hall and school administration building for the city. The third issue is dependent on the first, if residents do not approve the bonds for the conversion, then the third measure would allow the city to sell the school building. The school has been closed since 2005, when the district was reconfigured; town officials had been looking for a way to use the building and put it to use. This election would also be the first which would allow residents to request a mail-in ballot without having a reason for a mail-in ballot.[1]


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