Rich Hurley, Dan Shilberg and Roxanne McCoy recall, Wolf Creek, Oregon (2011)

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An effort to recall Rich Hurley, Dan Shilberg, and Roxanne McCoy from their positions on the Wolf Creek Fire Department Board of Directors in Josephine County was launched in November 2011.[1] The effort was abandoned in December 2011.[2] In 2000 and 2007, efforts to recall members of the Fire Department Board of Directors were unsuccessful.

Reasons for recall

Recall organizers were upset with the procedure that the board used to hire a new fire chief in October 2011. They alleged that the recall targets had engaged in backroom dealing. All three recall targets deny that they engaged in secret meetings during the hiring process.[1]

Path to the ballot

38 signatures would have been neededed to force a recall election.[1] In December 2011, the chief petitioner announced that he was calling of the recall effort because he wanted to "walk away" from the issue. He said that he had collected over 100 signatures.[2]

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