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Richmond, Kentucky

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Richmond is one of the ten largest cities in Kentucky. It is the county seat of Madison County. In the 2010 Census, the population of Richmond, Kentucky was 31,364 in 2010.[1]

Website evaluation

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The good

  • Meeting information is posted, complete with agendas and minutes.[2][3][4]
  • Elected officials are listed online with their contact information.[5]
  • Administrative officials are posted online.[6]

The bad

  • Only a partial budget is posted online.[7]
  • Information about building permits, audits, contracts, lobbying, public records, and local were not available online.
  • There is not a search function.

Transparency & public records

Richmond's website does not have information on how to obtain public records. There is no information online about transparency.

Elected Officials

The Mayor and four Commissioners makeup the Board of Commissioners, commonly referred to as the City Commission, and are elected by the citizens to act as their representatives. Their primary duties are to enact ordinances and make policies that are for the ultimate good of the community as a whole. The Mayor is elected to a four-year term and the Commissioners are elected for two-year terms. The Board of Commissioners possess the legislative and executive powers of the City. They each have other occupations in Richmond and serve as Mayor or Commissioner.[8]

The mayor is Jim Barnes, the commissioner mayor pro-tem is Donna Baird, and the three commissioners are Robert Blythe, Richard Thomas, and Jason Morgan.[9]


Neither the mayor's nor the commissioners' salaries are available online.

Public employees

The city's website does not list how many public employees it has nor their salaries.

Emergency personnel

There are 74 people employed by the fire department.[10] Their chief is Gerald Tatum, and the assistant chief is Buzzy Campbell.[11]

The police department has 75 total employees: 61 sworn police officers (which includes 2 School Resource Officers), 1 non-sworn Public Safety Officer, 4 non-sworn Park Security Officers, 1 Parking Enforcement Officer and 6 administrative personnel.[12] Their chief is Larry Brock.[13]


See also: Kentucky state budget

Revenue sources

In the 2010-11 budget, city revenue sources in the general fund total $22,589,800.[14] The sources are:

  • Funds carried forward - $2,500,000
  • Property taxes - $2,669,000
  • License and permits - $16,448,700
  • Fines and forfeitures - $82,500
  • Use of funds - $91,200
  • Charges for current services - $1,926,300
  • Sale of surplus property - $165,500
  • Other - $1,206,600

State and municipal funds brought the total resources for appropriation in the general fund to $25,667,800. The sources are:

  • Fire incentive - $317,500
  • Police incentive - $260,500


The city's expenditures for the 2010-11 budget total $23,167,800.[15] Major sources in the general fund are:

  • Legislative - $133,300
  • Administration - $503,800
  • Finance - $320,600
  • Maintenance - $274,700
  • GIS - $126,000
  • Codes - $291,450
  • Planning - $284,200
  • Public works - $1,087,400
  • Police - $3,906,400
  • Fire - $3,637,100
  • Non-department - $9,163,775
  • Golf pro - $365,325
  • Golf maintenance - $346,600
  • Tourism - $372,800
  • Parks and recreation - $1,782,900
  • Recycling - $427,350
  • IT - $144,100


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Richmond is a member of the National League of Cities, an organization that lobbies on behalf of cities on a national level.[16]

Richmond is also a member of the Kentucky League of Cities, a Kentucky-wide organization that lobbies for its members on state and national levels.[17]

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