Riviera Beach Non Binding Marina Question (March 2011)

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A Riviera Beach Non Binding Marina Question was supposed to be on the March 8, 2011 ballot in the city of Riviera Beach, which is in Palm Beach County, but was later removed.

This measure was a non-binding question which would have essentially help to undo a Riviera Beach charter amendment which was approved by voters in November 2010. This was a companion question to the other proposed amendment on the March ballot, this measure would have asked voters if they would want to allow a mega yacht facility to be built at the marina.[1] A group had sued to stop this vote stating that the language was vague and does not cite the chief purpose of the measure and that there were not the required number of signatures to get it on to the ballot. Those in favor of this measure noted that those opposed were just afraid the November measure will get repealed and do not want the people to have their voice heard.[2]