Robert Sandoval recall, Clovis City, New Mexico (2014)

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An effort to recall District 3 City Commissioner Robert Sandoval in Clovis City, New Mexico from his position was launched in January 2014. It did not go to a vote.[1][2]

Official's response

Sandoval contended that the recall effort was orchestrated by Carolyn Spence and Jack Muse. "It's just a ploy ... to get rid of me. I'm going to do everything in my power to connect Carolyn Spence and Jack Muse to this. They are not friends of District 3 and they have proved it time and again," said Sandoval.[1][2]

Path to the ballot

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Jose Griego filed the petition with the city clerk on February 13, 2014. He submitted a total of 90 signatures, just two above the 88 required. The city clerk announced on February 19, 2014 that nearly 90 percent of the submitted signatures were invalid, citing signatures from residents outside Sandoval's district, inaccurate addresses, and the use of a non-approved petition form. "We went through with the process and that's a win. We gave it our best shot. It's over," said Griego.[1][2]

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