Ron Brooks recall, Benson, Arizona (2013)

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An effort to recall Ron Brooks from his position as city council member in Benson, Arizona was launched in May 2013. The effort to qualify the recall question for the ballot was, however, abandoned short of going to a vote; recall supporters retracted their petitions after a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Brooks.[1] [2]


Sheila Perkins and a committee called “Bettering Benson" initiated the recall effort against Brooks. Recall supporters alleged Brooks had a conflict of interest with a board seat he held, had abused city staff, and was unprofessional and rude.[1]

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In late July 2013 recall supporters submitted their signatures in hopes of qualifying for the November ballot. They had needed to submit 224 valid signatures by September 4. The City Clerk verified 229 names, triggering a recall election. However, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Brooks shortly after contesting that various aspects of the recall effort had been illegal. Recall supporters withdrew their petition before any litigation, ending the recall effort entirely.[1][2][3]

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