Ross Arnett recall, Annapolis, Maryland (2014)

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An effort to recall Alderman Ross Arnett in Annapolis, Maryland, from his position was launched in November 2013. Arnett currently serves in Ward 8 and has served on the council since January 2007. The effort was triggered following Arnett's comments to support a council-manager form of government. Nick Roper and Bob Jones formed "Eastport Recalling Arnett."[1]

In a council-manager format, the council manager would report to the city council instead of the mayor. Jones, argues that the comment was made in light of the recent November 5, 2013 election where Republican Mike Pantelides narrowly defeated incumbent Mayor Josh Cohen.[2]

Arnett's response

In reaction to the recall effort, Arnett said he was disappointed but noted that his constituents have a right to pursue a recall if they are unhappy. He also said that he regretted the timing of his comments but still supports a change to a council-manager government. Arnett also proposed the idea during former Mayor Cohen's term.[2]

Path to the ballot

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Recall supporters are required to get 1,184 signatures, 30 percent of eligible voters in Ward 8. If supporters succeed it will trigger a ward-wide election.[1] If Arnett is recalled, the seat would be filled by a special election or by the central committee. The method selected would be dependent on how much time is left in the term.[2]

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