SCOTUS to decide in January whether to take R-71 case

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December 30, 2009


Olympia, Washington: This week the United States Supreme Court announced that on January 15, 2010 they plan to review and decided whether to take up the Referendum 71 signature privacy case.[1] Initially, Protect Marriage Washington, a group in favor of placing the referendum on the ballot and opponent of the measure, requested a temporary restraining order to halt the public release of a list of those who signed the R-71 petition in July 2009. The United States Supreme Court ruled on October 20, 2009 to uphold the ban on releasing petition signatures. Justice John Paul Stevens dissented. The Supreme Court did not, however, rule on the merits of the issue.[2]

Should the court accept the case, the case will be heard in April 2010, according to reports. A final decision would be expected in June. However, if the case is declined, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision will stand - an order to release the names on R-71 petitions.[3][4]

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