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San Jose Mercury News

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The San Jose Mercury News is the major daily newspaper in San Jose, California and Silicon Valley. The paper is owned by MediaNews Group. Its headquarters and printing plant are located in North San Jose next to the Nimitz Freeway (Interstate 880).

In the late 1990s, as Silicon Valley and the Mercury News soared in national prominence, then-owner Knight Ridder moved its headquarters from Miami, Florida to an office tower in downtown San Jose to be closer to its rising star.


Much of the paper's local coverage is concentrated on Silicon Valley, the Peninsula, the southern portion of the East Bay, and Santa Cruz. Therefore, it is most widely available in those areas, as well as San Francisco.

Initiative Coverage

A progressive group, called Media Matters has accused Mercury News as being a conservative paper based on their coverage of presidential electoral reform initiative in which the paper says that funding for it is bi-partisan.[1]

The newspaper has also published an article that asks voters to thoroughly investigate each proposition they are voting for. The tips give a conservative feel to the paper. The tips include:[2]

  • Be wary of measures that can only be changed by 2/3 of the legislature
  • If the measure creates new programs, new agencies or new government spending without a source of funding-vote no.
  • If the measure creates a government agency or program outside of regular checks and balances-vote no.


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