Sarasota County, Florida

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Sarasota County is one of 67 counties in Florida.

Sarasota County's population as of 2007 was 387,461. It is one of 20 charter counties in the state. It became a charter county in 1971.[1]

Evaluation of website

Main article: Evaluation of Florida county websites

Last rated on Jan. 28, 2013

Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning
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Public records
Local taxes
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Transparency grading process

The good

  • Budget
    • Current budget is published.[2]
    • Budgets are archived to 1997.
  • Meetings
    • Board meeting schedule[3], minutes and agendas are posted.[4]
  • Elected Officials
    • County commissioners are listed with contact information.[5]
    • Other county elected officials, including county clerk and sheriff have contact information posted at their websites.
  • Administration
    • County administrators are listed with contact information.[6]
  • Contracts
    • Bids and contracts are available online.[7]
    • Current bids[8] and closed bids[9] are posted.
  • Audit
    • Financial reports are available.[10]
    • Audits are archived to 2007.
  • Zoning
    • Building permits[11] and zoning information[12]
  • Public Records
  • Taxes
    • Local tax information is available.[14][15]
    • Property tax allocations are posted.[16]

The bad

Public records request

In September 2008, Democratic congressional candidate Christine Jennings filed what was described as "a large public information request" under the Florida Sunshine Law with the county's election supervisor.[17]


Main articles: Florida government sector lobbying and Florida League of Cities.

Sarasota County pays membership dues[18] to the Florida League of Cities, a government sector lobbying association.


For Sarasota County, the clerk or comptroller performs the internal audits.[19]

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