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Taken in Part from the wikipedia article Say Anything is a popular political and current events blog created and run by Rob Port of Minot, ND who has proclaimed the website to be "North Dakota's most popular political blog." It consists of a "main page" section with multiple contributors and a "reader blogs" section that is open for public posting. The blog was started on September 10th, 2003 and has since become the most widely read political blog in North Dakota, and one of the most widely read in the nation as well. Currently Say Anything is listed at #54 on Wikio's list of the internet's most influential political blog and has been nominated twice for the Weblog Awards' "Best Conservative Blog" category (2005 and 2007).

The Blog

Say Anything, in keeping with its title, is unique among high-traffic blogs in that it does not require commenters to register and does not ban commenters on a regular basis. This creates a free-wheeling comments section which is often filled with personal insults and vulgar language, but also with diversity of thought and ideology. This same mindset is also applied to the posts in the reader blogs section which frequently feature writings by authors from all parts of the political spectrum.


Unlike a lot of blogs, Say Anything's reach extends beyond its domain through a number of different syndication arrangements. Front page posts are syndicated on Reiten Broadcasting's CBS affiliate websites in western North Dakota. Front page posts are also featured in a number of mainstream media outlets such as Reuters, USA Today, The Houston Chronicle and the Chicago Sun-Times through the Newstex content syndication service.


Say Anthing Blog has featured many articles on government transparency. The most recent Transparency story that they have followed was the scandal involving Kent Conrad getting a "Sweetheart Deal" from Countrywide home mortgage in the midst of the Sub-Prime Mortgage crisis. The blog featured at least 7 stories on the matter.

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