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Schoolhouse Consulting Group is a lobbying firm.


Schoolhouse Consulting has individual contracts with the following Florida school districts:[1]

Such contracts signify the firm's dedication to the preparation and legislative pursuit of issues identified as common to Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach counties.[10]


The firm will typically coordinate with the Board, Superintendent, and designated staff of a school district it represents to develop and promote federal and state legislative issues.[10] For instance, in Dec. 2008, Schoolhouse Consulting Group representatives met with Senate President Atwater, his chief of staff, and Senate Education Chair Nancy Detert in Dec. 2008 to discuss waivers, budget shifts, and the reduction of unfunded mandates.[11]

Capital City Consulting shares the responsibility with Schoolhouse Consulting Group to monitor the State Board of Education meetings and maintain daily contact with legislative committee staff on various issues. It helps the district track over 400 bills each session.[12]

The firm also collaborates with other lobbying firms. In Dec. 2008, Schoolhouse Consulting Group and Alcalde & Fay discussed the Teacher Quality Partnership Grants Program and the Juvenile Justice Grant Programs.[13]

Additionally, the firm assists district representatives on joint legislative issues.[10]

The firm performs informatory services such as providing copies of the "Know Your Legislator" booklets for Board Members, Superintend, and designated staff. It also releases to Board Members and the Superintendent periodic written and verbal reports, which track bills affecting PreK-12 education.[10]

Finally, the firm arranges meetings with individual legislators in Tallahassee at the request of board members and staff.[10]


Vern Pickup-Crawford has been active for 34 years in the Florida school system. Mr. Crawford is a member and past-president (2001-2002) of the Florida Education Legislative Liaisons (FELL) and a member of the AASA Legislative Corps on federal legislation.

Pat O'Connell, a subcontractor of Capital City Consulting, brings more than 22 years of experience to the group, six of which were spent as chief lobbyist for the Department of Education and the Attorney General's Office.

Ron LaFace, Jr, also a subcontractor of Capital City Consulting, has been a private lobbyist for three years.

All three work closely with the education communty, including the following organizations: the Florida Association of District School Superintendents; the Florida School Boards Association; the South Florida School Boards Consortium; the Florida Education Legislative Liaisons; the Florida League of Cities; the Florida Association of Counties; the Florida Education Association; and other statewide organizations.[10]

Financial Situation

Neither the firm nor its principal has ever had any financial or legal difficulties.

Since being formed in 2003, the firm earned $142,483 in revenue for 2004 and $196,000 in receivables for 2005.

The firm proposes a fee of $45,000, payable in equal monthly increments.[10] In May 2009, Schoolhouse Consulting Group received a $10,700 invoice from the School District of Palm Beach County.[14]

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