Scott Klein recall, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, 2009

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An effort to recall Mayor Scott Klein is underway in the city of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. A local group called Pewaukee First is leading the recall effort to remove the mayor from office because of the city’s proposal to disband the police department. Instead, the city is considering a contract with the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department. The reason behind the change in enforcement is to save money. The campaign registration statement was filed on behalf of the group’s president and treasurer, Mark Eberhardt.[1]

However, the recall attempt failed after no petitions were submitted by the December 7, 2009 signature deadline.[2]Defeatedd

Klein's response to recall

According to Mayor Klein, "Is that what it has come to, when we propose something and it's all done in the light of day that now we recall you because you've got an idea? Apparently, this guy is a friend of someone in the police department…I guess I learned my lesson. You know, you take on a police department, you're going to pay a price for [it]."[1]

Response about failed recall effort

Eberhardt, the recall initiator, said on December 8 that recall supporters have instead decided to focus on the April 2010 election instead of a recall effort. Klein's term ends in April and Eberhardt said that he is considering running for re-election. According to reports, Eberhardt said recall supporters want "a governing body that is more responsive to the wishes of the people."[2]

Path to the ballot

The group had a 60-day window, until December 7, to collect 25% of the city’s registered voters who voted in the previous governor’s race. That means the group must not collect 1,631 or more signatures in order to force a recall election.[3]

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