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Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is one of two daily newspapers in Seattle, Washington. Its direct competitor is the Seattle Times.

The P-I, as the paper is referred to locally, was Seattle's first newspaper. It was founded on December 10, 1863 as the "Seattle Gazette."[1] The Gazette failed after a few years and was renamed the Weekly Intelligencer in 1867 by its new owner, Sam Maxwell. In 1881, The Intelligencer merged with the Seattle Post. The names were combined to form the present-day name.

William Randolph Hearst took over the paper in 1921. The Hearst Corporation owns the P-I to this day.

Editorial leanings

Editorally, the P-I is seen as more liberal than the Times, endorsing Al Gore over George Bush in the 2000 presidential elections. However, both Seattle papers endorsed John Kerry over George Bush in the 2004 presidential elections.

Conduct Unbecoming series

In 2006 the PI was the subject of a complaint to the "Washington News Council" for its reporting on the King County Sheriff's Office. The media watch-dog group ruled against the PI, agreeing with Sheriff Sue Rahr's complaint that the newspaper had unfairly disparaged the Sheriff's Office.[2]

Editorial positions on Washington ballot measures

Year Type Initiative Title Description Seattle PI's editorial position Pass or Fail
2007 CI Measure No. 960 Requires two-thirds legislative approval or voter approval for tax increases Opposes Passed
2007 CR Referendum 67 Makes it illegal for insurers to deny certain insurance coverage claims - -
2007 LR Senate Joint Resolution 8206 Establishes a rainy day fund - -
2007 LR Senate Joint Resolution 8212 Authorize state-operated inmate labor programs - -
2007 LR House Joint Resolution 4204 Provides for approval of school district excess property tax levies by simple majority vote. Eliminates existing supermajority requirement. - -
2007 LR House Joint Resolution 4215 Authorizes investment in higher education permanent funds - -

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