Secretary of state addresses voter integrity in Nebraska

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October 17, 2013

By Kristen Mathews


On October 16, 2013, Nebraska Secretary of State Republican John A. Gale presented his plan to prevent voter fraud in Nebraska. His voter ID plan would target approximately 6% of the population, those who have notified the post office of an address change but have not responded to letters from the election board. State Senator Charlie Janssen stated that he was glad Gale was looking at options but does not think targeting the estimated 75,000 people goes far enough.
“This sounds like selective enforcement,” Janssen said. “Given my druthers, I'd rather have the 'Nebraska way' be that everyone shows their ID.”
While the democratic leaders in Nebraska state that no problem of fraud exists, Gale says there is a potential for fraud. A dishonest person could show up at a person's previous polling place impersonating the voter that moved. Gale said that he doesn't believe it is currently happening now, but this targeted approach would stop it from becoming an issue. Currently, those voters who have moved are already flagged and present proof of their current address when voting but are not asked to provide photo ID.[1] Another group Gale is looking at is the 16,000 voters who have registered on their honor with no license or Social Security number. He would like to upgrade those registrations and use other ways to verify registrations if there is still no license or social security number available. That, along with access to the national death database for the election board to eliminate deceased voters from the voter list, would continue to reduce the possibility of voter fraud in Nebraska.[2]

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