Senate Services Committee, Colorado Senate (decommissioned)

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Colorado State Senate
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Senate Committees

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy
Business, Labor and Technology
Health and Human Services
Local Government
State, Veterans and Military Affairs

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The Senate Services Committee is a former standing committee of the Colorado State Senate.

Per Senate Rule 21 standing committees for the Colorado State Senate are appointed by resolution at the first general session after a general election. All committee members are appointed by the State Senate Majority Leader.[1] All appointments last one legislative session.[2] Party representation will be set proportionally to reflect the party representation of the two majority parties in the Senate.[3] The Majority Leader will decide how to set these proportions, the number of members of each committee and he will appoint all members from the majority party to the committee.[4] The Minority Leader designates all the minority members of a committee.[5]
DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: [1]

Committee categories

The Committee on Legal Services is considered a standing committee although it is not included in the following committee schedule. At the beginning of each legislative session the Senate Services and Joint Budget Committee will be appointed by resolution and will remain intact until the end of that legislative session. The Senate also has the power to elect a calendar committee at any time.

All meeting times are set according to the Schedule of Committee Meetings passed out on the first meeting of the General Assembly.[6] All committees on this schedule are placed into categories of three with the rule that no representative can be one more than one committee within a category.[7] Special meetings may be held, or meetings may be canceled, as long as they are announced by the chairman while the Senate is in session with sufficient time.[8]

The following table describes the categories standing committees have been divided into for meeting purposes.

Category Committees
1 Business, Labor and Technology


State, Veterans and Military Affairs

2 Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy


Health and Human Services

3 Finance

Local Government


4 Appropriations

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: [2]


The committee on Senate services shall examine and engross all bills, joint resolutions, joint memorials, and amendments, or other papers which are required to be engrossed before they go out of the possession of the Senate, and make report when they find them correctly engrossed before they are read a third time; they shall also compare such amendments as shall be made in the House to Senate bills, that are concurred in by the Senate, for the purpose of seeing if they are correct for enrollment in the bill...The said committee shall examine all bills before third reading and final passage, for the purpose of avoiding repetitions, unconstitutional provisions, securing proper title and of insuring accuracy in the text and references and consistency with the language of existing statutes, and as to whether any amendments adopted by the Senate, if not already printed, are of that material character required by the constitution to be printed. The committee shall report the nature of errors, with a concise suggestion as to the change necessary to correct the same. The committee on Senate services shall examine all bills originating in the Senate and which have passed both houses; see that they are correctly enrolled, signed by the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House, and shall make a report to the Senate that the bill has been presented to the Governor for signature.The committee on Senate services shall examine and audit all requisitions and bills for supplies and expenditures of the Senate, of its members and committees, for stationery and other purposes, and shall certify to the correctness of the same; and no such requisition shall be made, nor bill be audited or paid, by any officer of the Senate or of the state, unless so certified by the chairman or other member of the committee. The committee on Senate services shall have leave to report at any time.[9][10]


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