Senate approves of write-in ballot bill

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February 15, 2011


JUNEAU, Alaska: The Alaska State Senate passed a bill on February 14, 2011 that would give voters the benefit of the doubt when they write in a candidate's name on a ballot. The bill was introduced during 2011 legislative session by various state senators. The measure was approved with a vote of 18-0.[1]

The measure now heads to the Alaska House of Representatives, where it must through a similar vote. According to reports, the measure was introduced due to a conflict in the United States Senate race the year before when Lisa Murkowski, after losing the primary to Joe Miller, began a write-in campaign for the general election, with the result being the senator gaining 10,000 votes more than Miller. Miller then challenged the ballots in court with the argument that the way Murkowski's name was written on the ballot had to be exact.

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