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Shreveport, Louisiana, is the third-largest city and the third-largest metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Louisiana and the 109th-largest city in the United States.[1] It is the seat of Caddo Parish.

Evaluating transparency of the city's website

The good

  • The budget is posted online.[2]
  • Elected officials are listed online with their phone numbers.[3][4]
  • City council meetings, agendas, and minutes are posted online.[5][6][7]
  • Information about audits is posted online.[8]
  • Both the mayor's staff and the city council's staff are listed online.[9][10]
  • Information on building permits is available.[11] Zoning information is also available.[12]
  • Local tax information is available.[13]

The bad

  • Awarded contracts are not available although information on submitting bids is available.[14]
  • Lobbying information is not provided.
  • The site does not have a search function.
  • How to make a public records request is not provided on the city's site.

Elected officials

Shreveport's elected officials serve four-year terms.[15]


The mayor of Shreveport is Cedric Bradford Glover. Before becoming mayor, he had been a Shreveport City Council member and a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives. As a member of the House, he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus. He was also selected as Legislator of the Year by the Rural Caucus, and selected as Legislator of the Month by the Louisiana Municipal Association, Citizens Against Crime Inc. for instituting the first computer automated crime victim notification system in the entire state of Louisiana. He was elected to his mayoral position in November 2006.[16]

City Council

The City Council members are:

  • District A - Rose Wilson-McCulloch
  • District B - Jeff Everson
  • District C - Oliver Jenkins
  • District D - Michael Corbin
  • District E - Ron Webb
  • District F - Joe Shyne
  • District G - Sam Jenkins[17]


According to the Shreveport Times, in 2008 the city's mayor earned $105,123.84 in total compensation. More recent data is not available.[18]

City council salaries are not available online.

Public employees

In 2011, Shreveport had 2,823 full-time positions.[19]

Emergency personnel

According to the 2011 budget, there are 1,460 employees in the fire and police departments. This number has increased from 1,131 since 1994.[20]


See also: Louisiana state budget


The 2011 budget includes $462,511,601 in revenue. Sources of revenue are:

  • Taxes and special assessments - $185,070,000
  • License and permits - $9,253,600
  • External service charges - $107,851,000
  • Internal service charges - $15,203,900
  • Interest - $985,700
  • Fines and forfeits - $4,080,000
  • Intergovernmental - $3,522,000
  • TRF from Riverfront Fund - $6,800,000
  • Miscellaneous - $7,836,200
  • Operating subsidies - $10,399,900
  • Grants - $21,340,642
  • Prior year fund balance - $84,968,659


The 2011 budget includes $462,511,601 in expenditures. The expenditures are:

  • Personal Services - $168,524,000
  • Materials and Supplies - $17,526,700
  • Contractual Services - $54,076,163
  • Other Charges - $81,093,400
  • Improvements and Equipment - $6,776,553
  • Transfers to Other Funds - $41,928,300
  • Operating Reserves - $92,586,485


See also: Louisiana government sector lobbying

Shreveport is not a member of the National League of Cities, an organization that lobbies on behalf of cities that many majors cities are members of.[21]

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