Signature requirements for ballot measures in Alaska

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This page details signature requirements for statewide ballot measures in Alaska.
List of measures

The number of signatures required is based on the total number of votes cast in the last general election. For both initiatives and referendums, signatures equal to 10% of these votes are required.

Year Initiated statute Veto referendum
2016 28,545 28,545
2014 30,169 30,169
2012 25,875 25,875
2010 32,734 32,734
2008 23,831 23,831

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: Alaska Statues, Sec. 15.45.140

Basis of calculation

The basis for signature calculation in Alaska is the total number of votes cast in the last general election. The number of total votes cast in past general elections:[1]

  • 2014: 285,449
  • 2012: 301,694
  • 2010: 258,746
  • 2008: 327,341
  • 2006: 238,307

Geographic distribution

See also: Distribution requirement

Signatures equal to 7% of the total district vote in the last general election must be collected in each of 3/4 of the 40 Alaska House districts.

An older, less restrictive, distribution requirement was changed by a legislatively referred ballot measure on the November 2004 ballot, the Distribution Requirement for Initiatives Act. That measure was approved with 51.7% of the vote. The older requirement was that proponents must collect petition signatures from each of 2/3 of Alaska's 40 state House districts--only one voter needed to sign from each of the 27 districts.

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: Alaska Statutes, Sec. 15.45.140; Alaska Distribution Requirement for Initiatives, Measure 1 (2004)

Signature deadlines

The deadline to submit signatures for an initiative is 365 days after petition booklets for a proposed initiative are prepared by the Division of Elections. It is different for each initiative. Initiative signatures must be submitted before the beginning of the legislative session in January.

For a referendum in Alaska, petition signatures must be submitted 90 days after the end of the legislative session.


See also: Laws governing the initiative process in Alaska & Petition drive deadlines, 2014

The legislative session began on January 15 in 2014, which means initiative signature petitions needed to be submitted before this date in 2014. The 2014 legislative session ended on April 20, 2014, which means the deadline for a referendum attempt against a bill passed in the 2014 session was July 20, 2014.[2]


Recall petitions must be signed by qualified voters equal in number to 25% of those who voted in the preceding general election in the district of the official to be recalled. Judicial officers cannot be recalled.

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