Signature requirements for ballot measures in Maryland

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This page details signature requirements for statewide ballot measures in Maryland.
List of measures

Basis of calculation

Maryland signature requirements are calculated based on the number of votes cast for Office of Governor in the previous election. Only veto referendums are permitted in Maryland; there are no provisions for initiated constitutional amendments or statutory initiatives.

Signature requirements

For a referendum on a statewide law: signatures must equal 3% of votes cast for governor in the most recent election. For a referendum on a local law, signatures must equal 10% of votes for governor in the affected jurisdiction.

Year Referendum
2014 55,736
2012 55,736

Basis of calculation


The deadline to submit the first third of signatures for a veto referendum in Maryland is 40 days after the legislation is signed into law[2]


See also: Petition drive deadlines, 2014

The 2014 deadline to submit at least one-third of signatures for a veto referendum was May 31, 2014.[3]

Geographic distribution

  • There is a distribution requirement for signatures on statewide petitions: No more than half of required signatures may be from any one county or the City of Baltimore.

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