Signature requirements for ballot measures in Mississippi

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This page details signature requirements for statewide ballot measures in Mississippi.
List of measures

Mississippi only allows initiated constitutional amendments. Initiative or referendum for statutes is not permitted.

Signature requirements

According to Mississippi law, the number of signatures collected to qualify an initiated constitutional amendment must be equal to at least 12 percent of the total number of votes cast for Governor in the last gubernatorial general election.[1]

Year Initiated constitutional amendment
2015 107,216
2014 107,216
2013 107,216
2012 107,216
2008-2011 89,285
2004-2007 107,338

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: Mississippi Constitution, Article XV, Section 273 (3)

Basis for calculation

Signature requirements in Mississippi are a function of how many votes were cast for Governor of Mississippi in the state's most recent gubernatorial election. The state also has a geographic distribution requirement.

  • 744,039 votes were cast for governor in the 2007 gubernatorial election, and 12% of 744,039 is 89,285 signatures.[2]
  • The next gubernatorial election is in November of 2011. This will determine the signature requirement from 2012 to 2015.

Geographic distribution

See also: Distribution requirement

According to Section 273, Paragraph (3) of the Mississippi Constitution, "The signatures of the qualified electors from any congressional district shall not exceed one-fifth (1/5) of the total number of signatures required to qualify an initiative petition for placement upon the ballot. If an initiative petition contains signatures from a single congressional district which exceed one-fifth (1/5) of the total number of required signatures, the excess number of signatures from that congressional district shall not be considered by the Secretary of State in determining whether the petition qualifies for placement on the ballot."

  • From 2008 to the present, an initiative requires at least 17,857 signatures from each congressional district.



See also: Petition drive deadlines, 2014

For a citizen initiated constitutional amendment to be placed on the 2014 ballot, petitions must be filed with the Secretary of State not less than ninety (90) days before the first day of the regular session of the Legislature at which it is to be submitted.[3]


The deadline to submit signatures for a citizen initiated constitutional amendment on the 2011 ballot was October 4, 2010, which was 90 days before the 2011 legislative session convenes[4].

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