Signature requirements for ballot measures in New Mexico

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This page details signature requirements for statewide ballot measures in New Mexico.
New Mexico
List of measures

Signature requirements

For veto referendum, the only form of initiative in New Mexico, signatures must equal 10 percent of voters in the previous general election.

Year Veto referendum
2012 60,770

Basis for calculation

New Mexico's signature requirements are based on the number of qualified voters in the last general election. There are no provisions for statutory initiatives or initiated constitutional amendments in the state of New Mexico. Citizen reform on government may only be exercised through the veto referendum.

  • A total of 607,700 voters cast ballots in the 2010 elections.

Geographic distribution

  • Signatures must be from 3/4 of the counties in New Mexico.

Signature deadlines


The deadline to submit signatures for a veto referendum on the 2012 ballot in New Mexico was July 6, 2012[1]. This was four months before the general election[1].

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